File for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Seattle, Washington

Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization might be the right solution for your business. The Law Offices of Vortman and Feinstein can assist business owners with their outstanding debts through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With this form of bankruptcy, your business can remain operational. Get in touch with a qualified Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer in Seattle, Washington to discuss your options.

3 things you should know about Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is considered a “reorganization” form of bankruptcy for corporations, partnerships and for high income individuals. Your business can remain open while you address your business debts. Here are a few facts about Chapter 11 bankruptcy:
Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases allows restructure and payment of secured debt, general operating debt, and back taxes usually up to 5 years.
Chapter 11 Section 5 small business reorganizations are now simplified, with reduced court fees and with an expedited plan approval process.
Chapter 11 can cure leases, keep landlords from terminating your business lease, and allow your business to continue to operate.
If you need time to reorganize and restructure your business finances, call the Law Offices of Vortman and Feinstein in Seattle. We’ll see if Chapter 11 is a good option for you.
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