Announcing Our New Location and Marlin Vortman's Retirement

After 28 years of practicing together, Marlin Vortman, has decided to "wind down" and retire over the next few months. We all wish him well with new-found leisure time. In addition to Marlin's retirement, we have opened a new Bellevue office, and will now be serving this area as well. Please visit out Contact page for additional information on our new, Bellevue, WA location.

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Trust the Law Offices of Vortman & Feinstein to assist you with your bankruptcy or business and estate planning needs in Seattle, WA. Contact our firm today to get the legal assistance you need.

Protect Your Assets and Plan for the Future

Trust our bankruptcy attorney and our estate planning attorney to assist you with obtaining financial stability

Whether your need assistance filing for bankruptcy, or getting your estate in order, our offices will be your guide to protecting and exempting your assets. If you need to file for bankruptcy, we'll assess your financial situation to determine if Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcy would be best for you. If it's business or estate planning you need, we'll develop a comprehensive estate plan that will help your peace of mind and secure a stress-free financial future for your family members.

No matter how far in debt you are, or how complicated your estate, we can help you make sense of the process. Begin by scheduling an appointment with the Law Offices of Vortman & Feinstein today.

Regain Financial Stability in Seattle, Washington

The Law Offices of Vortman & Feinstein can help you get rid of crippling debt by filing for bankruptcy on your behalf. This legal measure has many potential benefits in the long run, including:

Maintain and retain property that is exempt, such as household good, IRA's, homestead, and other personal property

Free yourself from most general debt, loans, and credit cards

Keep your home and automobile as exempt assets

Stop harassment and garnishments from creditors

Our team will help you to determine the best way to file according to your financial needs, and assist you in preparing the appropriate paperwork. See what our office can do for you by calling for a consultation today.